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Every hunter wants to bring home
a memory of the hunt. A european
mount is a great way to do just that.
It is a less expensive option to a full
shoulder mount, while still preserving
the memories which will last a lifetime.


At Wisconsin European Mounts I can process:

Whitetail Deer
Smaller Mule Deer
Mountain Lion

About my process:

1.    Flesh cleaning using dermestid beetles 5-10 days
2.    Degreasing using acetone on all game heads 14-60 days or more
3.    Whitening 35% peroxide 5-15 days
4.    Whitening 35% peroxide paste 3-5 applications when applicable
5.    6-10 Months total turn around time

This process uses the most expensive chemicals and whiteners available today, which results in the highest quality european mounts.

I would like to provide a personalized service to all of my customers. If you have a question call me 920-386-8050 or email
jrs@wieuropeanmounts.com. You may also use the contact me page.

You will appreciate the quality of preservation in all of my mounts. You will find no yellowing or spotting on any of my mounts, I guarantee it or your money back. Your game head will transform into a work of art.

Your specimen must have been legally taken in your state.
I will take no responsibility to ensure that your specimen is legal.



Wisconsin European Mounts
N7049 State Road 26
Juneau, Wi 53039


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